Rickey Benns

WHAT I DO: Have you ever known of someone who is in need of money to buy a piece of real estate? Well I sell money to them when they most need it.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: I think it is a phenomenal way to increase and retain my customer base. It has been my philosophy to go deep with a few rather than shallow with many.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: A first time-home buyer, move-up buyer or 2nd home buyer of real estate.

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: Creating systems for robotic follow-up

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: www.rickeybenns.com www.freeonlinemortgagereports.com www.999downloanguy.com

My Email: rickey@rickeybenns.com

WHAT I DO: Help people plan and get the most out of their Grand Canyon vacation.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: To effectively increase the follow-up we do with our clients to help them with their Grand Canyon vacation planning.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Young High Adventure Professionals who only have 3 days to visit the Grand Canyon for a "Once in a Lifetime" visit, yet they'll be back in 20 years with their children or grandchildren.


CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: www.GrandCanyon.com 928-645-6845

My Email: karlyn@grandcanyon.com

Karlyn Bunting

Jeanette Cates, PhD

WHAT I DO: I work with experts who want to turn their knowledge and their websites into Gold! While I offer one-on-one consulting, I also have two additional levels of involvement for those who are not yet ready for my full-service strategic planning.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: The techniques taught in this course will enhance my offerings to my clients, as well as my own business.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Experts - speakers, authors, consultants, coaches, plumbers, quilters, trainers, small business owners - anyone who has expertise we can turn into information products and market online. They already have a website, but it's not making money. My clients recognize the importance of investing time and money into improving their business.

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: Creating and sticking with a consistent target market and marketing message. I have 30+ information products and 50 website and frankly, it's out of control!

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: Austin, TX 512-219-5653 Your Internet Strategist, Teleseminar Basics, 8-Hour Website, Online Success News, Tech4Speakers, TechTamers, Jeanette Cates, Online Success Secrets, Online Success Reviews

My Email: cates@techtamers.com

WHAT I DO: Direct response copywriting, mostly digital - websites, autoresponders, emails, salesletters.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: Always learning, always improving my marketing knowledge. I have not consumed any Joe Polish material before.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: People who: - are aware of direct response versus branding style copywriting - have some level of awareness about their goals and target market - want quality versus hypey copy - don't have an "elance" price mentality - are too busy to write their own copy but not too busy to have someone else do it

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: Having a consistent stream of ideal clients


My Email: patti@NeedCopywriter.com

Patti Clark

Marcus Curry

WHAT I DO: You know the late night infomercials that promise to teach you how to get rich in real estate? Well I teach advanced techniques and strategies to the people that buy those courses and would like to take their business to the next level.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: I am taking this course to lock down down some solid principles and techniques that will create life long clients, raving fans, and boost the perceived value of the services I render.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: A single family home investor that buys pretty houses in pretty neighborhoods by taking over the payments on existing mortgages.


CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: http://www.LeaseOptionLoopholes.com http://www.MetroHouseBuyers.com http://www.TakeOverOurMortgage.com

My Email: Marcus@MetroHouseBuyers.com

WHAT I DO: I create Peak Performance software that lets people make success a habit. They fill-in-the-blanks and the new software creates goals, vivid success vision, affirmations and plans.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: I'd like to make my marketing and my software stickier.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Computer users between 25-55 who read books like Think & Grow Rich or Bill Phillip's Fit for Life. They want to improve their health &\or wealth. They're looking for the fastest, easiest and surest way to get results.

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: I've created so many innovation products that I need to build a consistent, clear, distinct message. Also striving for simplicity.

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: www.SuccessBuilder.com

My Email: mark@moreprogress.com

Mark Flournoy

Marie Forleo

WHAT I DO: Life Coach, Dancer/Choreographer/Nike Master Trainer, Author

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: To leverage my time and put robotic systems in place for my coaching practice, dance workshops and upcoming book.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Professionals and entreprenuers who want more satisfaction, fulfillment and well-being in their lives. They want deeper, more connected relationships (both business and personal) and to experience higher levels of personal productivity and efficiency. They are both business savvy and spiritually aware with an interest in not only making more money, but making a difference in the world. They are health conscious and willing to invest in their physical vitality through fitness, sports and/or outdoor activities. Also women interested in discovering how to unleash their authentic irresistibility and have healthy, satisfying relationships with men.

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: Building my subscriber lists and completing each step from this SSS course.

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: (917) 673-3903, marie@thegoodlife-inc.com, www.thegoodlife-inc.com, www.wanna-dance.com, www.makeeverymanwantyou.com (coming soon!)

My Email: marie@thegoodlife-inc.com

WHAT I DO: I am the Shopping Cart Queen! I am an expert in the 1ShoppingCart system. I help small business owners set up their online shopping carts and autoresponders through private consultations, teleseminars, my training products, and through live examples on my website.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: I want to automate my business with more offline as well as online techniques. Streamlining the sales process for myself and for my clients.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Small business owners: coaches, speakers, trainers, information marketers, brick and mortar stores, etc. Anyone who wants to setup an online business that sells!

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: I need to be able to handle the volume of clients that I get and to streamline the process so that I can automate answering all of my clients/customers questions.

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: http://www.ShoppingCartQueen.com

My Email: queen@shoppingcartqueen.com

Christina Hills

Jerold Johnson

WHAT I DO: Web and Marketing Consulting for Small Business looking to develop website for their offline business.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: Discover and enhance the systems I am trying to put in place to get, keep and grow my clients!

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Small business or restaurant owner who is looking to find alternative marketing strategies to grow their business.

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: Getting a stream of potential clients to come to me versus having to do individual one-on-one presentations!

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: Jerold Johnson http://www.J5Enterprises.com 20687-2 Amar Rd. #308 Walnut, CA 91789 626-625-4245 www.J5Enterprises.com www.Small-Business-Marketing.net www.YourCityBestRestaurants.com www.ToastmastersSpeakEZ.com

My Email: Jerold@J5enterprises.com

WHAT I DO: Developer of Self-Marketing Tools (Rsums, Cover Letters, Follow-up Thank You Letters) Career Coach for Individuals Outsourcing Expert for Organizations

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: Marketing is my weak link. I have spent most of my time perfecting my craft, but after 22 years of beating my head trying to get work in my former businss, I decided I needed the help Stick Strategy Secrets could give me as I open a new business. Taking it has empowered me and made me hopeful for my future.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Executives, professionals and middle managers who are experiencing a career transition: being downsized or layed-off, feeling stuck, or just looking for new opportunities.

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: I am opening a brand new business. Challenges include defining my market niche, generating leads, getting known, prioritizing which marketing activities to pursue for a start-up, and handling all the myriad details at this stage of the game.

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: blampl@cox.net Web site is in process.

My Email: blampl@cox.net

Batiyah Lampl, Ph.D.

Cheryl Laures RN, Kinesiologist, Reiki Master, CBM, CI

WHAT I DO: As a Personal Wellness Coach, I simplify the manifestation of all imbalances and challenges; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Medicine would call this "disease" or "conditions". Utilizing Sympathetic Nervous System Response Testing, we get to the cause of any imbalances that create symptoms and dis-ease. We then determine the individualized unique requirements for resolution and restoration to wellness. This can be done live in my office or by telephone consult. (My clients refer to me as a medical intuitive.) I work with animals and pets as well. I'm a published author and professional trainer.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: To discover systems and techniques to engender greater client satisfaction, and ways for showing my appreciation for clients utilizing my services as well as how to automate the same.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Anyone who is not experiencing the energy and wellness they had 'once upon a time' and are ready for a change. And, anyone who is using pharmaceutical or over the counter remedies for relief of challenges in their life- physically, mentally and/or emotionally and don't choose to follow that route any longer.

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: Making my follow up robotic. Re-activating a large satisfied client base with new services.

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: Yakima, WA 509-965-7272 Cheryl@WholeBodyBalancing.com. www.WholeBodyBalancing.com watch for my Blog:www.YouAreThePhysician.com

My Email: energy33@charter.net

WHAT I DO: We sell CRM software that helps marketers and business owners automatically get more customers and maximize revenues.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: Increase our customers' usage and consumption; convert happy customers to raving fans; reduce returns/refunds.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Entrepreneur, small business owner and/or direct response marketer who understands the value of good marketing but struggles to implement it because he doesn't have an automated system to run it all.

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: Clarifying and crystalizing the marketing message and communicating it effectively to prospects.

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: Clate Mask clate@infusionsoft.com www.infusionsoft.com

My Email: clate@infusionsoft.com

Clate Mask

Michael McCoy

WHAT I DO: Audio Recording and Editing

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: To make the most money I can

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: anyone who is looking for any kind of audio assistance weather it's recording a teleseminar to have a live event or even just trying to find out the right equipment to use for your recording

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: I have never marketed because I was scared I was going to spend a lot of money to have one idea that didn't really fit my business flop!!

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: Michael James McCoy michael@internetaudioguy.com www.recordyourevent.com 404-606-7842

My Email: michael@internetaudioguy.com






My Email: MelanieMeyers5@msn.com

Melanie Meyers-Prince

Samuel Ng

WHAT I DO: Affiliate Marketing

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: Need a breakthorough

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Consumers with small problems


CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: asset_creator@yahoo.com.sg

My Email: asset_creator@yahoo.com.sg

WHAT I DO: fine art photography, clinical and general counseling, consulting, writing

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: I need to roboticize my marketing and learn to out-source more of the work since these businesses are time-consuming and labor-intensive.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Adults with appreciation of beauty and art with a willingness to spend for the "real thing" not a cheap print./Persons with problems and life circumstances who want to become empowered, overcome obstacles and be self-directed--and are willing to make life/ changes to do so.

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: Converting visitors to sales on my photo website. Completing writing projects. Successfully marketing all of these within time constraints!

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: petersenpat@comcast.net or photomeditations@comcast.net; www.PhotoMeditations.com www.Dr.PatPetersen.com; www.Dr.PatAnswers.com phone: 847-548-0300; FAX 847-548-0369

My Email: petersenpat@comcast.net

Patricia Petersen

Lynn Pierce

WHAT I DO: I mentor speakers and information marketers to pull more cash out of what theyre already doing. I offer a comprehensive service that produces immediate results for selling from the platform. I do limited private one-on-one coaching, along with a 4 month group mentoring course. Im also the founder of the annual Womens Business Empowerment Summit and a recognized sales and communication expert.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: I need to automate more of my business processes so Im able to take on more projects. I love what I do and want to do more in between all my vacations!

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Speakers, authors, experts, coaches, consultants, independent sales reps., who want to share their expertise through information products and speaking or improve their sales and communication skills. Whether you currently have products or not, I can help you make more money now!

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: I have products in 3 areas: personal development, sales and communication, Infopreneurship. I need to put them together in a way that makes perfect sense to my market.

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: 480-242-5929 pacific time cell www.SuccessBuildingSecrets.com www.WomensBusinessEmpowermentSummit.com www.GettingToYesWithoutSelling.com

My Email: lynn@SuccessBuildingSecrets.com

WHAT I DO: Direct Sales to individuals, beauty salons, health food stores and nonprofit organizations. The company I work with also has a mlm opportunity.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: Increase knowledge of marketing tactics and strategies.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: A business who sees the financial value of the products I wholesale to them and will retail them. An individual who enjoys building a network of distributors.

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: A successful marketing strategy. Mine all seem to be hit or miss.

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: http://www.healthylife.biz.mpoinfo.net/

My Email: tomana55@hotmail.com

Tom Vaughan

Dr. James S. Vuocolo

WHAT I DO: I've built an International Business and Personal Coaching Practice, and I train others to become Masterful Coaches.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: I've met Joe & Alex and have been a raving fan of each person. I'm thrilled that they've come together for this joint venture - and am even more thrilled that I'm able to be a small part of it!

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: My clients are busy professionals who are sufficiently courageous to look at the totality of their personal and business life and determine what's working well and what needs to improve. I then partner with them to devise effective strategies to produce the results they desire. In short, I seek to integrate who you are with what you do to produce the life you want with integrity. I call this process, "SoulBusiness", and have taught thousands of others to do the same in many different parts of the world.

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: Going Robotic so I can work less, make more, and have more time to serve my clients and students in addition to spending more time with my loved ones!

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: www.LifeCoachConsulting.com or www.SoulBusiness.com Phone: (909) 794-2136 Email: jim@LifeCoachConsulting.com or jim@SoulBusiness.com

My Email: jim@lifecoachconsulting.com

WHAT I DO: Problem Solver, Sales, Marketing, Networking (as in Joint Ventures & using the Six Degrees of Separation to meet anyone.) Answer Questions, Develop Q&A & Cult Creation for a training program that can heal almost anything by addressing stress issues.

WHY I'M TAKING THIS COURSE: Reduce returns. Learn how to use Telephone Strategies and Tactics to support those who do not have computer access or expertise.

WHO MY IDEAL PROSPECT IS: Someone who wants to take charge of their own health, has a compelling need and doesn't much care for the results, side effects and costs of mainstream medicine. Mostly 50+. This also works for pets, children, emotional issues and self-improvement. Probably market needs to be sliced and diced with direct campaigns to different segments.

MY CURRENT MARKETING CHALLENGE: Automating everything to achieve the next level of growth. Create more joint ventures. Begin to develop sales and marketing campaigns that afiliates & other JV's can easily follow.

CONTACT INFO, EMAIL, WEBSITES: Don Winfield www.TheHealingCodes.com tbjltd@mindspring.com c/o-5910 Mt. Moriah, #113-234 Memphis, Tennessee 38115 800-465-3579 615-301-1866 Jfax 214-853-4170 I am in central time zone in the USA. Check here to see what time it is: http://www.worldtimeserver.com/current_time_in_US-TN.aspx

My Email: tbjltd@mindspring.com

Don Winfield

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